Case Study: Vodafone / Emma Raducanu.

Agency: FUSE


I was approached by the agency to help them during the creative stages of the project. We needed to create a striking film and stills to accompany the announcement of their client Vodafone’s sponsorship of Emma Raducanu and Wimbledon. They wanted a completely new visual approach from the traditional communications in the world of tennis.


We acquired an exact copy of one of Emma’s rackets and restrung it with LED wire. Then we created a fake tennis court (in the clients colours) in a blackout studio and rigged a large soft flash in the ceiling. The camera took a long exposure (around a second) allowing Emma’s movement to be captured in the LED light trails. At the end of the second we popped the flash to freeze Emma in the frame.


We repeated the photographic technique described above on 120 cameras rigged in a circle around Emma to create a ‘bullet time lapse’ of the moment. This made for some magical short-form content, in addition to this we also created a short film depicting Emma playing against the next generation of players (represented by the amazing Katie Randall). We shot this on 35mm film stock to bookend the digital bullet-time-lapse content and make it feel more human.

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Behind The scenes

BTS Film by the brilliant WeAreSocial